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Who should use it:     

AntidotPro Cleanse 02 is for anyone who has an itchydry

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Who should use it:     

AntidotPro Cleanse 02 is for anyone who has an itchydryred or flaky scalp. It is also for anyone who received an in-salon chemical service, or performs their own at home.  It is Color Safe, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free and Phosphate Free.  


Infused with A12, AntidotPro Cleanse 02 removes flakes, dirt, oils and environmental residues from the hair and gently unclogs pores without stripping hair of natural oils.  The scalp is left clean, clear of product residue and flakes.  It further reduces any discomfort from an in-salon service or at-home box color and will alleviate discomfort from finishing products.  It is 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free

How it works:                           

The main active ingredient in AntidotPro Cleanse 02 is the A12 molecule.  A12 is a fusion of 12 specific natural and botanical ingredients with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.  Your scalp is left clean and nourished.

Made in Canada Made in Canada

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