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03 - AntidotPro Revitalize - 240ML R

Who should use it:     

AntidotPro Revitalize 03 is for anyone with a dry or itchy scalp,  or wants a well-balanced healthy scalp promoting healthy, soft, lustrous hair. 


Infused with A12, AntidotPro Revitalize 03 further protects and repairs the scalp. It also penetrates the hair from root to tip, repairing and quenching dry, damaged hair, leaving it revitalized and strengthened. It is 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free.

How it works:                         

The main active ingredient in AntidotPro Revitalize 03 is the A12 molecule.  A12 is a fusion of 12 specific natural and botanical ingredients with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.  AntidotPro Revitalize 03 replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier leaving both scalp and hair healthy and well-conditioned.

Made in Canada Made in Canada

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