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AntidotPro Scalp – 4 (240ML Bottles)

*4 x 240ML bottles

Who should use it:

People with scalp discomfortirritationblistersburning, itchingdandruff, and even allergic reactions before, during and, or even a couple of days after the chemical procedure.


You can eliminate (or greatly reduce) your client’s itching, burning, flaking, redness or other scalp discomforts during a chemical service before it happens.  A12 infused AntidotPro Scalp 01 allows you to give your client a comfortable in-salon service.  Build customer loyalty while protecting the integrity of your client’s scalp. It is 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free.

How it works: 

The main active ingredient in AntidotPro Scalp 01 is the A12 molecule.  A12 is a fusion of 12 specific natural and botanical ingredients with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.  This molecule eliminates or considerably reduces existing or chemically provoked symptoms like burning, itching, stinging, redness or other scalp discomforts.

Made in Canada Made in Canada