1 (LTR) AntidotPro Scalp + 1 (100ML) Hand Cream Package

1 (LTR) AntidotPro Scalp + 1 (100ML) Hand Cream Package

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AntidotPro Hands

ANTIDOTPRO Hands replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier while hydrating, moisturizing and relieving dry, red and itchy skin.

ANTIDOTPRO Hands is a protective, non-greasy cream formulated with moisturizing and anti-oxidizing ingredients to revitalise, hydrate and relieve dry, cracked skin. It absorbs easily and provides long lasting relief of dryness due to exposure to irritants, allergens and harsh weather.

How to use: Apply sparingly to dry skin as needed throughout the day. Stickiness is normal until fully absorbed; allow to dry completely. Repeat application after contact with detergents, chemicals or solvents.

Made in Canada Made in Canada

AntidotPro Scalp

AntidotPro Scalp is a product like no other, it replenishes and protects the skin moisture barrier while hydrating and moisturizing.

Prevents redness, itching, burning and any scalp discomforts while you color or chemical applications are processing.

HOW TO USE: Add AntidotPro Scalp to any hair color, bleach, perm mix, chemical straightener or any hair product, mix well and apply as per your usual procedures. The recommended ratio is 1 for 6 and for extreme sensitivity the ratio is 1 for 4.  

While we make no medical claims, AntidotPro 01 Scalp has helped millions of people all over the world.

AntidotPro 01 Scalp does not react with oxidative hair dyes or lighteners. During its developmental stages, we at Scalfix Inc, combined all major brands of oxidizing hair dyes and lighteners with AntidotPro 01 Scalp. Rigorous testing conclusively showed that there was unequivocally no reaction. Furthermore, over 15 million applications with various hair dye brands from across the world have been done. 

Although AntidotPro 01 Scalp is hypoallergenic, please verify the ingredients with our ingredient list. No product is 100% effective 100% of the time. ALWAYS PERFORM A PATCH TEST PRIOR TO USE.

Made in Canada Made in Canada