Steve Vandiver

"Thanks to Antidotpro, for the first time in my 41 years of being in my beloved profession, I can rest assured I am providing my salon guests with the safest and most comfortable services possible.  Itching, tingling, redness and burning are gone, thanks to Antidotpro and I have actually gained new salon guests through referrals because I use the “magic no itch stuff”. Thank you Antidotpro and Franky Filice!"

Rhonda Moffit

"My experience with AntidotPro was amazing! I tried it with a client receiving a relaxer service, she was starting to burn at the nape area, and I exposed the scalp, and applied the AntidotPreo, and the burning went away! This could be a game changer for relaxer clients!"

Nadine Donovan-Agiesta

"I first came across AntidotPro, this revolutionary new product, fairly recently and it has changed my life as a stylist. It has also changed my clients lives. For my entire hairdressing career I have just always accepted that there will be some kind of discomfort for some clients during chemical services. I would spend a lot of time convincing clients that it’s “normal” for the product to “tingle” during processing as they would sometimes yell out “is this supposed to be burning?” It’s always been very embarrassing to me as a salon owner to have my other clients hear that. (…) ANTIDOTPRO acts just as an antihistamine for the chemical services I provide for my clients, it’s like a bottle of insurance. Every Professional Stylist/Colour Expert should have ANTIDOTPRO in their kit."

Venica Tschoepe

"AntidotPro is an essential part of my work behind the chair and in educational workshops! Because your clients comfort is as important as the beautiful result."

Ruby Devine

"Like many hairstylists, I have grown accustomed to having clients in “reasonable” discomfort during chemical services especially while prelightening before fashion color. So when I heard of AntidotPro, I immediately sought it out.

"The responses were immediate and exciting. However what wasn’t to be expected was just how much AntidotPro would come to the rescue. From clients who haven’t been able to get color due to passed allergic reactions, to toners in which the scalp has been stimulated, to a coworkers sun poisoning rash. I’m so grateful for such an amazing product. Thank you AntidotPro sooo much”