What is AntidotPro and Why Does it Work?

AntidotPro is a revolutionary product like no other on the market! In most cases, AntidotPro will prevent any burning, itching, irritation or any discomfort for both scalp and hands.

It works because of its core active natural ingredients and their antihistamine properties which neutralizes histamines. A combination of just the right proportion can prevent all the discomfort.

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What the professionals are saying

Tracey Cunningham

"AntidotPro Scalp allows me to get the results I want without compromising the integrity of the scalp.  A must have in your salon!"

Owner of Mèche Salon
Beverly Hills, CA

Alessandro Ligorio

"It's not just about having beautiful hair anymore, but even more so now with AntidotPro, It's about having a healthy scalp
and beautiful hair."

Celebrity Hairstylist and Colorist
Milan, Italy

Tyle Mahoney

"AntidotPro Scalp provides me the freedom to give my clients
the best results possible without irritation during the chemical process.  Finally, I can do a double process color application for the first time in years.  This solution is priceless!"

Celebrity Colorist
Beverly Hills, CA

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