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It's time for you to solve those scalp issues!

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Yes absolutely

Yes it can and will considerably help reduce the itchiness and scalp discomfort your client experiences during a service.

No, not at all. You will still get the desired results with any brand of hair color and no, it will not alter the color in any way.

The following 12 active natural ingredients all have antihistamine properties which neutralize histamines: potassium, coconut oil powder, kumquat oil, macadamia oil powder, bamboo oil powder, borage oil powder, grape seed oil powder, avocado powder, grapefruit oil, babassu oil, coconut oil, shea butter.

This is not a medical product and we do not claim that it heals any type of skin disorder. However, we have seen many cases that when AntidotPro Scalp 01 was used on clients with skin conditions, the condition was soothed. There was a decrease in discomfort during the color application process.

A12 is our proprietary blend of natural and botanical ingredients which have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.