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Q: Can I use Antidotpro Scalp 01 in my color and Bleach?

A: Yes Antidotpro Scalp 01 can be used in all your chemical services whether it’s Color, Lightner, Perm, or Straighteners.

Q: Will it reduce the performances of the chemical product I use?

A:Antidotpro Scalp 01 will not alter or change in any way the performance or effectiveness of the product you use (ie: grey coverage or lightner potency) as long the amounts prescribed are respected.

Q: Do I need to change developper when coloring or bleaching?

A: You do NOT need to change anything you do, just mix your chemical service as usual then incorporate the required amount of Antidotpro Scalp 01, mix well and then apply.

Q: I use different lines of product in my salon is that a problem?

A: Antidotpro Scalp 01 is compatible with all no matter what brand you use.

Q: I have a client that has severe allergies to color will Antidotpro fix that?

A: Although Antidotpro Scalp 01 is very effective due to it’s Antihistamine and Anti-inflammatory properties, there are different degrees of allergic reactions to certain chemicals. So we recommend for a guest or new color clients to always do a patch test on the scalp before moving forward with the service.


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